AIF management companies

No. Name Category OIB
1. ALTERNATIVE INVEST d.o.o. large 34251042886
2. CGS Capital d.o.o. za osnivanje i upravljanje alternativnim investicijskim fondovima medium 28282983081
3. Erste Asset Management d.o.o. large 68572873963
4. FARVE PRO INVEST d.o.o. large 32697869602
5. FEELSGOOD CAPITAL PARTNERS d.o.o. small 89112739620
6. Global Invest društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za upravljanje investicijskim fondovima large 89492953056
7. GO INVEST d.o.o. small 55367485557
9. Inspire Investments d.o.o. za upravljanje alternativnim investicijskim fondovima large 62573520714
10. INTERCAPITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT d.o.o. large 59300096187

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  • 3-01 Establishment and management of UCITS
  • 3-02 Establishment and management of alternative investment funds
  • 3-04 Establishment and management of voluntary pension funds
  • 3-05 Safe-keeping and administration
  • 1-04 Portfolio management
  • 1-05 Investment advice

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