Hanfa provides access on its website to legislation and subordinate legislation falling within its scope of activities and competence and published in the official gazette of the Republic of Croatia (Narodne novine), along with unofficial consolidated texts of regulations published. It also offers access to opinions on the implementation of laws falling within the competence of Hanfa, and other regulations adopted by Hanfa pursuant to its powers.

The said documents are available in Croatian, with some of them being accessible in the English language as well.

There are also links to EU legislation adopted, namely Level 1 and Level 2 EU legislation directly applicable in the Republic of Croatia. Level 1 legislation comprises EU regulations adopted by the European Parliament and the Council. Delegated and implementing regulations of the European Commission constitute Level 2 legislation and are adopted pursuant to powers laid down in directives and regulations of the European Parliament and the Council. There are also documents drawn up by European supervisory authorities (Level 3), which provide detailed explanations for supervised entities for the purpose of ensuring their compliance with EU legislation.

Following the principles of transparency, building confidence among financial market participants and reporting to consumers, and in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Right of Access to Information, Hanfa publishes on its website draft regulations in the Croatian language which are related to its scope of activities and subject to consultations with the public concerned.