Normative activities

Even though the general public experiences Hanfa as a supervisory body, it is also a regulatory authority for the financial non-bank market. This means that, along with its supervisory role, it plays an important role in drafting bylaws and implementing acts in the area of its competence. It also proposes initiatives to the competent ministries for amending or drafting laws and other regulations within this area.

Being experts for the area of finance, representatives of Hanfa actively take part in working groups responsible for the preparation of laws authorised and coordinated by competent ministries. By participating in those bodies, they propose legal solutions complying with the fundamental principles of Hanfa, which include the promotion and maintenance of the stability of the overall financial system and ensuring the lawfulness of business operations of the entities supervised by Hanfa.

In addition, Hanfa is also authorised to promote, organise and monitor measures for the efficient functioning of financial markets, to provide information to the public, and to issue legal opinions on the implementation of laws that regulate non-bank financial services.

Based on the legal provisions under which it is given such authorisations and relevant EU regulations, Hanfa establishes rules of operation and procedures for a whole series of participants in the financial market by means of bylaws and other implementing regulations, measures for the efficient functioning of financial markets and opinions on law implementation.

  • Bylaws and other implementing regulations

By means of ordinances and decisions, Hanfa regulates business operations of supervised entities when it is specifically authorised to do so by law. Technical instructions further explain the method of submitting reports, the content of reporting forms, the use of online services and similar implementation issues.  

  • Measures for efficient functioning of financial markets

By means of guidelines, warnings, official positions and other types of notifications, Hanfa notifies specific groups of supervised entities and other recipients about the explanation or the manner of application of certain regulations within its jurisdiction or general legal acts related to them. 

  • Opinions on the implementation of laws and other regulations within Hanfa’s competence

By rule, opinions are given in individual, specific cases. If Hanfa assesses that the position taken in its opinion is relevant for a wide community of stakeholders, it publishes an official position on the application of regulations based on the opinion issued. 


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