Insurance agents, insurance and/or reinsurance brokers, ancillary insurance intermediaries

No. Surname Name Registration number Extract
1. Abramović Iva ZO 23119 Extract
2. Abramović Ljiljana ZO 9020 Extract
3. Abramović Mateja ZO 22019 Extract
4. Abramović Vera ZO 11907 Extract
5. Acalinović Sanja ZO 3158 Extract
6. Adamovich Valter ZO 19102 Extract
7. Adamović Igor ZO 19844 Extract
8. Adamović Milorad ZO 0707 Extract
9. Adlešić Staško PO 403 Extract
10. Ador Marina ZO 21381 Extract

Please find register available in following formats: XML file.


Checking the number of hours of continuous education of insurance distributors - link to the application



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