Macroprudential Risk Scanner

The publication Macroprudential Risk Scanner provides insight into the process of identifying, assessing and monitoring the evolution of systemic risks in the financial services sector under Hanfa’s supervision, in order to timely take appropriate measures to prevent their materialisation and the impairment of the financial system stability. The objective of the publication is to contribute to a better understanding of systemic risks, stimulate action planning and measures that prevent the materialisation of such risks and provide adequate protection against the consequences of their materialisation with the aim of strengthening the system's resistance to shocks, as well as to contribute to greater confidence in the financial system. The Macroprudential Risk Scanner is published four times in a year.

Macroprudential Risk Scanner No 2

Published on 24 February 2020

Publication: Macroprudential Risk Scanner

Date: February 2020

Year of Issue: II

ISSN 2671-2067

         ARCHIVES:  2019: Quarter 1