Comparative overview of fees charged to consumers by leasing companies

In order to contribute to the process of raising the level of transparency on the leasing market and of protection of lessees with a consumer status, Hanfa has drawn up a comparative overview of all leasing companies’ fees charged for finance lease contracts concluded with consumers. The overview provides a better insight into the types and amount of fees charged by leasing companies and may facilitate the consumers’ decision-making process when selecting the leasing company.

It has been drawn up following Hanfa’s activities carried out in 2022, which included the examination of the calculation of fees charged by all active leasing companies to lessees during the duration of the contract.

During the examination, Hanfa established illegalities in 13 companies relating to the failure to ensure full clarity of contractual provisions and to comply with the Consumer Credit Act. The companies were ordered to amend their fee price lists and general contract terms and conditions so as to make them clear and transparent and to include in them all types of fees that might potentially be charged to lessees during the duration of the contract, as well as their amount and manner of calculation.

In accordance with Hanfa’s requirements and the Consumer Credit Act, the price lists were amended in an adequate manner and published on the leasing companies’ web sites, which increased the level of transparency and communication with consumers.

The comparative overview classifies the fees by type, while some fee names have been harmonised for the sake of easier comparison and overview of the market. It shows fees charged by 12 leasing companies that conclude finance lease contracts with consumers (these terms and conditions do not refer to legal or natural persons who are lessees under operating lease contracts). Furthermore, it presents only the fees charged as a fixed amount or percentage to lessees for a particular service. Real costs that might arise during the provision of a service have not been presented. The fees are shown without the accompanying VAT, unless there is a note stating that the VAT is included.

The comparison has shown that the companies differ according to the number, type and amount of fees they charge to consumers, with the number of fees per company ranging between 4 and 14. It should also be noted that only some companies (4) charge a fee for concluding the contract or, e.g. early repayment.

We would like to emphasise that this overview of fees charged to lessees has been provided for informative purposes only; every consumer should seek direct information on the type and amount of each fee from the leasing company prior to concluding a finance lease contract. The fees shown in the table may change, which will be followed by an update by Hanfa.

Comparable overview of fees charged to consumers by leasing companies under finance lease contracts


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