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*The Identifying Code is a unique code relating to and displayed on a leased asset (engine number for vehicles, serial hull or fuselage number for vessels and aircraft, serial number for plants, machinery, transport devices, equipment and other, and referential cadastre number for real estate).

By selecting the option Search and download the receipt, the verifier may download the electronic receipt proving that the verification in the Register of Leased Assets has been done.

Legal basis

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 66 of the Leasing Act (Official Gazette 141/13, hereinafter: the Act), the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (hereinafter: Hanfa) keeps the Register of Leased Assets (hereinafter: the Register).

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 66 paragraph 3 of the Act, the lessor is obliged to submit to Hanfa the information referred to in the ordinance stipulating the contents and the manner and form of keeping the Register, within 8 days from the day the lease agreement is signed, and/or amended and after the leased asset has ceased operating within the meaning of Article 66 paragraph 5 of the Act.

The lessor, as the person obliged to enter the information in the Register, is a legal person carrying out leasing operations in accordance with Article 6 of the Act, namely:

  • a leasing company referred to in Article 3 of the Act
  • a leasing company from a Member State referred to in Article 46 of the Act
  • a branch of a leasing company from a third country referred to in Article 48 of the Act.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 6 paragraph 2 of the Act, a finance lessor may also be a credit institution in accordance with legislation regulating the operation of credit institutions in the Republic of Croatia.

Pursuant to Article 66 paragraph 7 of the Act, Hanfa is obliged, during the time of operation of the leased asset, to publicly disclose the following data on leased assets referred to in the Register:

  • detailed description of the leased asset
  • date of the conclusion of the lease agreement
  • date of the termination of the agreement
  • duration of the agreement (in months).

The form and manner of keeping the register of leased assets are regulated by the Ordinance on the manner of keeping the Register of Leased Assets (Official Gazette 113/2011).


Pursuant to Article 66 paragraph 6 of the Act, entry of data in the Register has a declaratory legal effect.


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