Workshop "Raising Awareness in Line with the EU Sustainable Finance Framework"

The workshop "Raising Awareness in Line with the EU Sustainable Finance Framework," co-organised by the European Commission, Hanfa and Deloitte, gathered representatives of financial institutions – Hanfa's supervised entities, issuers, and related institutions and associations in Zagreb on 23 April 2024. The workshop was organised as part of the EU multinational project "Sustainable Finance - Supervisory Capacity Enhancement", involving Croatia, Malta, Poland and Romania.

The EU Sustainable Finance Framework plays a crucial role in achieving goals as part of the European Green Deal. Regulatory requirements present significant challenges not only for financial and non-financial institutions but also for national competent authorities. Therefore, the main aim of the project is to support national competent authorities in building and strengthening their supervisory capacities in the field of sustainable finance, in order to contribute to the transition to climate neutrality, climate change resilience, and long-term resource-efficient and fair economy.

As part of the workshop, a discussion was held with Anamarija Staničić, Hanfa Board Member, who emphasised the importance of communication between the financial market and regulators and called on supervised entities to address Hanfa with questions and doubts regarding sustainability-related disclosures and reporting. This approach helps prevent or reduce the possibility of adverse outcomes in future supervision. Building an approach based on clear data and early market preparation for regulatory implementation will enable real changes.

Rado Bekeš, Head of Deloitte's Risk Management Department, emphasised that supervisory authorities will play a crucial role in the consistent implementation and application of EU requirements for sustainability-related disclosure and reporting.

Karla Grgić Totić from Deloitte, and Silvana Božić and Andreja Hašček from Hanfa, provided a comprehensive overview of the development of the regulatory framework for sustainable finance, with a focus on sustainability-related disclosure requirements in the financial services sector and corporate sustainability reporting.

The results of research conducted in February and March of this year, identifying opportunities and challenges related to sustainability disclosures in the financial services sector and corporate sustainability reporting, were presented by Ivan Makarun from Deloitte. Current market research has shown the importance of data availability with more clear examples for the market and the need for further education alongside additional development of expert teams and management board members who will be particularly dedicated to the sustainability transformation within companies.

This workshop encourages active open dialogue among all participants to exchange ideas, perspectives and best practices in anticipation of the implementation of new regulatory changes for both the financial market and the economy.


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