The presentation of HANFA's Innovation Hub

Published: 30 May 2019

The presentation of HANFA's Innovation Hub, held on 29 May 2019, gathered around thirty consultants and legal professionals interested in new technologies. On this occasion, HANFA's experts introduced the concept and work of the Innovation Hub, as well as the original idea behind the entire project. "Our goal as the regulatory authority is to help the market development, but also to influence risk prevention," said Anamarija Staničić, Head of Regulatory Harmonisation and International Cooperation Division. Filip Šaravanja, Innovation Hub Coordinator, added that for small markets, such as Croatian, it is important to ensure that regulations are applied proportionally, because of market development. Dorotea Benković, Innovation Hub Deputy Coordinator, spoke about practical examples, particularly from the area of insurance, while Jurica Jednačak, HANFA Board Member, also supported the project.

In the area of innovation, it is always important to particularly consider legal certainty. The development and application of new technologies always bring new risks, as well as opportunities, and, with this in mind, business entities need to pay special attention to their position within the regulatory Framework.