Online panel about the EU regulation proposal for crypto assets

On Thursday, 17 December 2020, the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (Hanfa) will organise an online panel discussion about the EU regulations in the field of crypto assets and blockchain technologies. Experts from Europe will participate in the panel, and the entire event will be organised online and freely available to all. 

After the introductory speech by Jurica Jednačak, Deputy President of Hanfa Board, the panel titled “The EU regulatory framework for crypto assets and DLT pilot regime: A balancing act or a regulation that could stifle innovation?“ will take place. Viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions after at the end of discussion. As there will be international participants, the language of the panel will be English.

In September this year, the European Commission issued a comprehensive proposal for the regulation of crypto assets. The proposal is the first concrete EU action which should enable the European regulations of financial services to be suitable for innovation and not constitute an obstacle to the implementation of new technologies in this field.

The panel discussion will focus on the expected consequences of the proposal, viewed from the different standpoints of each of the panellists. The participants will share their views on the following topics:

  • What would be the influence of the European Commission proposal to the crypto ecosystem as we know it today?
  • How do you think the proposal will impact the development of the environment for crypto assets?
  • What could be alternative legislative measures that would ensure adequate consumer protection and financial stability in relation to crypto assets and (blokchain) in finance?
  • What does this proposal mean for decentralised finance (DeFi), in particular?
  • Is this regulatory initiative inspired by the development of the Swiss regulatory framework? What are the similarities and main differences between the regulatory development in the EU and in Switzerland, with respect to crypto assets?

The event is scheduled to start at 15h, it can be joined via Webex platform, with the obligatory prior registration  and it will also be available at Hanfa's YouTube channel.

More detailed info is available here.