HANFA participated in the event “Sve na jednom mjestu”

Published: 3 June 2019

On Saturday June 1 2019, HANFA's representatives participated in the event aimed at consumer education called “Sve na jednom mjestu” (Everything at one place) held in Prelog and organized by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts. This was an opportunity for everyone interested to learn more about consumer rights and protection.

It was a chance for members of the public to obtain information about their consumer rights form various areas, including HANFA's scope of competence i.e. insurance, pension funds, capital market, investment firms, leasing and factoring, but also about other aspects of their rights, outside HANFA's scope of competence.

Some of the interesting topics included the resolution of consumer disputes, cross-border consumer complaints via the European Consumer Center Croatia, complaints in the case of online shopping, but also finding out more about the savings generated by the use of e-invoice and e-signature, etc.

Entrepreneurs were able to learn more about a freer market approach, marketing of products on markets of other EU member states, and more about e-economy, advantaged and savings through e-invoicing, e-signature, establishing e-contacts with public administration, their rights in other EU Member States, etc.

Public administration bodies were given a chance to learn more about the use of the Internal Market Information System for a fast exchange of information, e-contact with business, fast resolution of administrative problems of citizens and entrepreneurs in relation to incorrect application of EU legislation (SOLVIT), obligations of authorities responsible for regulations that are not harmonised with common EU rules for products and Information Society services (TRIS and Product Contact Point), etc.

This event was a continuation of the informative cycle aimed at general public, entrepreneurs and public administration encompassing numerous cities. Similar events have so far been held in Zagreb, Osijek, Varaždin, Rijeka and Split.