A. Žigman: Harmonisation of market infrastructure will require particular attention

Published: 3 June 2019

At the international scientific conference „Economics of Digital Transformation (EDT) 2019 – DIGITOMICS“ which commenced this morning in Opatija, the welcome speech was followed by the panel titled “Fiscal and monetary issues under euro framework“. Ante Žigman, President of HANFA Board, took part in this discussion and on this occasion addressed several topics.

Introduction of euro in Croatia will bring changes to all business entities, including those from HANFA's scope of competence. The harmonisation of market infrastructure, as well as harmonisation of fees will require special consideration. Additional attention will have to be paid to the protection of financial services customers in the period of operational adjustment to the new currency - highlighted A. Žigman.

Apart from benefits and risks of euro adoption, the panel addressed technological innovations and their impact on the overall systems. Many such innovations are not envisaged in economic theory; therefore, it is difficult to foresee what kind of impact they will have on economic cycles. This is why market regulators and business community will have to adapt quickly, and the recent establishment of HANFA's regulatory Innovation Hub is a good step in that direction.