This web page contains links to lists of:

  • insurance companies and reinsurance companies
  • banks and housing savings banks authorised to conduct insurance representation business
  • insurance representation crafts
  • insurance and reinsurance brokerage companies
  • insurance agencies
  • companies and crafts conducting insurance representation business at vehicle roadworthiness test garages
  • authorised insurance agents and insurance and reinsurance brokers (each insurance agent and insurance broker, who are entered in the Register of insurance agents i.e. Register of insurance brokers, can print an extract from those registers, containing their personal information, the date of acquiring the authorisation and the type of insurance which they are authorised to conduct)
  • certified actuaries.

There is also a link to a list of entities providing insurance services, insurance representation services or insurance and reinsurance brokerage services having their registered offices in EU Member States or in signatory countries to the Agreement on the European Economic Area authorised to provide their services directly or through a branch in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, subject to prior approval of the competent authority and in accordance with the requirements laid down in the Insurance Act.