Hanfa warns of the company Ford Beckett and the trading platform soltechx.com

Hanfa is warning investors in the territory of the Republic of Croatia about the company Ford Beckett, which, according to its website, offers a range of financial services, from option trading, ETF (exchange traded funds) trading and securities trading to asset management and pension planning. The website indicates that the company’s registered office is in Hong Kong, 1 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China S.A.R. The company is not authorised to provide investment services or other services mentioned on its website in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Hanfa therefore urges investors from the territory of the Republic of Croatia to be careful when entering into a business relationship with Ford Beckett, as Hanfa does not have any additional information about its operations.

Hanfa is also warning investors about the soltechx.com trading platform, whose website indicates that Soltechx is a platform operated by the company Max LLC. According to the information on that website, the company is registered at the following address: First Floor, St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This company is not authorised to provide investment/brokerage services in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. Hanfa is therefore also warning investors not to trade via soltechx.com platform and not to accept trade offers from its sales representatives. Hanfa is not authorised to supervise the legality of their operations, nor can it influence the protection of the rights and interests of investors establishing a business relationship with such companies and persons. Such service providers are often involved in some form of investor fraud.

Please note that various websites are available on the Internet, allowing verification of 
whether a trading platform and the company operating it are fraudulent or not. Hanfa cannot confirm the authenticity of such sites or guarantee the accuracy of the information offered on them, however, potential investors may also take that information into account when deciding whether to start trading via those platforms. 

The register of companies authorised by Hanfa to provide investment services and perform investment activities, the register of tied agents and the list of notified financial service providers form other EU Member States that can directly provide services in Croatia are available on Hanfa’s weInvestment firmsbsite. The register of investment fund management companies authorised to provide their services in the 
territory of the Republic of Croatia is also available on Hanfa's websiInvestment fundste.

Hanfa is hereby once again calling on investors to check whether an investment firm or investment fund management company has the necessary licences and whether it is notified for the provision of investment services in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, before entering into a business relationship with such investment firm or investment fund management company.

We are also inviting investors to, for the purpose of protecting their interests, read the 
brochure published by Hanfa, which explains in detail what to pay attention to before starting and while trading in financial instruments online. The brochure in Croatian is available here.


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