Notifications from EU Member States

The day of accession of the Republic of Croatia to the EU saw the entry into force of legislative provisions relating to financial services which enable financial service providers with authorisation obtained from competent authorities from EU Member States to provide their services directly in the territory of the Republic of Croatia as well (the so-called “passporting”). Relevant EU provisions (implemented into the Croatian legislation) allow Croatian service providers to operate under the same arrangements in other EU Member States as well.

Hanfa publishes on its website a list of service providers form other Member States for which it has received, in accordance with a procedure prescribed by law, a notification of their intention to provide services in the Republic of Croatia.

Cross-border provision of services in the area of capital market using a passport may be undertaken by:

The Ordinance on the calculation, level and charging of fees paid to the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency for the year 2014, that entered into force on 1 January 2014, obliges investment firms/credit institutions from another Member State directly providing investment services and performing investment activities referred to in Article 5 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Capital Market Act in the Republic of Croatia to pay the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency an annual lump-sum supervisory fee totalling HRK 3,000.00 within one month after the end of the year for which the fee is calculated, which means that the first payments will be made in 2015.

Fee payment instructions